• Working with major shareholders and management  team to build or restructure businesses
  • Focusing on dedicated funds to target specific  market opportunities with selected LPs
  • Willing to co-invest with strategic partners or LPs  for upside sharing and resources/capabilities  leverage
  • Midas Fund I is a special purpose buyout fund taking  private Microlife and we have a few more such initiatives  under discussion


  • Focusing on opportunities in technology transformation
  • Targeting Industrial 4.0/5G/AIOT/smart health care  applications, semiconductor/components hardware  opportunities and supply chain ecosystem plays
  • Preferring industry disruptors that will create new applications and market opportunities in the competitive landscape
  • Looking for beneficiaries in China’s market  expansion and policy direction 

Sector Focus

Advanced Manufacturing

  • Invest in companies that focus on research, develop and produce new technologies that  upgrade traditional manufacturing process / supply chain in Industrial 4.0

5G Technology & Key Components

  • Invest in companies that focus on the commercial application of 5G technology

Consumer medical devices & services

  • Invest in companies that provide advanced technology-driven healthcare devices and  equipment